Beach Trips allow me to recharge

One of the ways I enjoy unplugging and decompressing is taking beach trips. The sound of the ocean, in any season has a calming and healing affect on all who visit.

The salt infused sea air has been shown to renew and refresh the spirt and clear the mind. Beach trips, for me, also allow for the peace associated with rest to release the mind to think, reflect and brainstorm.

Another benefit I enjoy when beach traveling is eating at restaurants on the beach that serve seafood. For some reason, at least for me, the meal is more enjoyable. At times the seafood can be sourced locally and that adds to the enjoyment and flavor.

I do enjoy a well prepared grouper or salmon, crab cakes and of course lobster tails. Pass the butter please!

So beach trips is one of my go to’s when seeking to pull away and recharge. Add a good water side restaurant with seafood and we are golden.

Take a beach trip.

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