Why I enjoy flea markets and garage sales

As a big game hunter in sales, I enjoy the hunt and closing 6/7 figure deals. For those who don’t know what big game hunting is in the sales profession, big game are large accounts. Think of companies with market capitalizations (value) of 1 billion dollars. Think enterprise level clients that employ 1000’s of people, generate millions in revenue and who are dominant
players in their industries.

I do enjoy the big game hunting in my business, but also the hunt in general, for anything! I apply this skill to flea markets, garage sales, estate sales and auctions.

When I have the time, I will look at garage sale postings, estate sale announcements and auction listings for dates they are occurring, and try to attend them. I enjoy finding items like watches, jewelry, electronics and vintage toys that are being sold at very low cost, with the purpose to resell it. Granted, I’m not talking about making alot of money here. Think of buying something for 5 bucks and selling for 25 or 30 dollars. The profit as a % is huge, but the monetary return is small.

But I get a kick and a rush of finding a good deal and reselling the item. It’s not about the cash, but more so about the hunt and the sale. I also get to meet some great people on the journey. Meanwhile, they don’t know what I do for a living and I can also observe their interactions with the public.

Some of the best places to find items to resell are yard sales. You can find many undervalued items, as the sellers are usually just trying to get rid of stuff that has been laying around in a closet or garage. When I buy something in this environment, the items get rehoused somewhere else. Meaning, I buy it. Then resell it. The buyer uses the item or may resell it. Stays in the ecosystem. Recycled into a new home.

When traveling, I always look up flea markets in the area to visit. Same focus. To find a good deal. The hunt. Flea markets are typically weekend trips as they are usually closed during the week. I do go when I can when in my home state.

Auctions and estate sales also happen on weekends. Although, many auctions are held online as well. I do bid on the online ones, but I prefer the in-person events. To meet people and see items first hand.

At a garage sale, I found a color VCR/TV combo 9′ inch that was in great condition for $10.00. I sold it for $130.00. Someone wanted it for their older dad to watch old VCR movies. It made them happy, as they were looking for one, and I had it.

These hunts are a good distraction from the every day running a company capitalistic game. It’s fun and you can make a few bucks. Love this stuff!


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