How to drink more water

Water enhancers

We are told that drinking 8 glasses a day of water is good for you. Who thinks’ of these things? We are told that hydration is a requirement for good health.  Water helps to keep you looking young as it hydrates your body and skin.

But we are also told that your body is a good barometer of whether you need water or not.  Meaning that if you’re thirsty, your body is telling you to drink more water. Duh.

But on the flip side, if you are thirsty you are probably dehydrated.  So which is it? Drink 8 glasses of water, or whatever you can handle. Or ignore those recommendations and drink only when thirsty? People and the medical community are insane. LOL.

Well, I like coffee, and that’s made with water. That counts right? But coffee is a diuretic. Meaning it will make you go to the bathroom.  And you body will lose water.

To be honest drinking a lot of water daily does not excite me. But I have found something that helps,
water enhancers. These little liquid bottles of flavoring give water a better taste. I gravitate to the orange and grape versions.  One squeeze and I can drink a 12-16 oz glass of water. I am drinking more water, but not nearly as much as recommended. 

To be frank, I don’t like to be in the restroom  multiple times a day. So I’m on a conference call and then have the urge, to go. You know.  Ahem.  

I do try to substitute other drinks with water for my meals instead, using the enhancers to drink more water. If I have 3 major meals, that (3) 12-16 oz’s of water right there.

 It’s a start.

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