Many times fear stops us from starting something that’s deep within us.  Watch this to release what’s in you.

This video is a discussion on Civil Disobedience, Protesting & Rioting. Two points of views are shared on whether the agenda of pushing for change can include destruction of property in order raise awareness. Many other issues covered as well.

Come ready, because we are living at a time in the U.S where we have hot button social issues that are raising to the surface. These issues make many people emotional. But, in order to tackle these issues, we need to have rational, logical and unemotional discussions. Ideally, these conversations should be supported by data. The data gives us a foundation to start a dialog, that can lead to solutions. Opinions are fine. But they are just that, opinions. Without current and historical data interjected into the dialog, we risk losing the ability to come to solutions. So come ready.

Facebook Voyeur’s are all over social media platforms. Those are the ones who watch what you do and say, but say they’re not watching. They’re fearful of engaging with your posts or they won’t post on any hot button issues. because they are concerned what people will say. They say they’re never on Facebook, but have an account. You know who they are. Enjoy