My Love of Sweets-Creme Puffs-Cannoli’s-Eclairs

When I was going to college, I worked in a greek coffee shop in NYC. During that time, I had the pleasure of eating 2 types of freshly made baklava either with pistachios or walnuts.  These were made on site. Additionally, fresh monster size blueberry and corn muffins were made every morning for the breakfast crowd.  The baker was there at 3am. The shop opened at 6am. It was in a business and tourist district.   

It was here that I developed a sweet tooth and my love of sweets. Apart from the freshly baked items made on site, we had vendors that delivered other baked goods every morning. 

We had apple and cherry turnovers, glazed and granulated sugar covered donuts, along with croissants.

During the holidays, primarily Thanksgiving and Christmas, the vendors would make napoleons, éclairs, cannolis and crème puffs. I think the owner of the bakery outfit was Italian. It was here that I developed my fondness for the custard filled crème puffs and éclairs.  Later on, I fell in love with cannolis. But the custard filled desserts attract me more, or anything with a filling.  

So , when I hear of a supermarket or a bakery (preferred) that have these items, I will stop in and buy some. 

The sugar content in these decadent desserts is high, so I tend to not each as much as I used too. But,  I do on occasion, and when possible pair with a strong, stain the cup, Cuban coffee. 

Go and enjoy the hunt for fresh, Greek or Italian sweets.

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