Travel Less & Stay Home More

When I started my company one of the things that I promised my family was that I would be home for our kids as they were growing up. When I was working for a corporate organization, I was home every night. I had some long days, and traveled at times but was home with my family.  Eating at my table and sleeping in my bed, with my bride at night. My travel was rare, at most 3-4 times a year and for a night or two. My sons saw me every day. They became and are still accustomed to asking for me if I don’t walk in the door by 6:30pm.

Initially, when I started Lease A Sales Rep, I was the 1st rep. So I was the “Lease A Sales Rep”. I was contracting myself out to businesses and I picked up clients where I did sales work getting contracts for them in hospitals. At the time, that required I be on site at a client’s location, say in Texas for 3-5 days. That model took me out of my home more than I wanted. I made it very rare, even as I was building the company. I turned down many opportunities because it required me to stay out of my home.  I did that about 4 times in a 1 year span. I stopped after the 1st year  and traveled only when necessary. I went to an occasional 1-2 night max business trip, out of my home, at any given time. My kids were very young and the formative years are so important and I did not want to miss them. I wanted be present as a dad. I’m grateful that I never missed a game, an awards ceremony, a recital, a play. I was present for all of it. My wife was able to be a stay at home mom as well.

I tell people who do sales and have kids to not take jobs that take you on the road 40 weeks a year, or 1 week home, 1 week out. Take a job closer to home, with standard hours and less pay if needed. I have heard stories of sales reps that went out 1 day and came back 5 years later and their kids grew up. Now, they weren’t gone for five years, but they were on the road so much, their kids grew up. They missed so many activities and events. They were tiny when they left and they sprouted.  You can’t get that time back. The kids then get used to not having a dad present, and they will mimic that behavior in adulthood. Whether, male or female. Kids will see work as more important than family.    Be home for your kids. They need you. You being there will carry over to the next generation.

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